King Market Token Sale (KMTS) — is a universal platform for the implementation of modern technologies for financing promising business projects, as well as the promotion of their products on the global market.

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Promising ICO Projects

is a universal platform for the implementation of modern technologies for financing promising business projects, as well as the promotion of their products on the global market.

Referral System

The referral system allows you to make money both from inviting new investors and on investments in all future ICOs. Are you interested in how the referral system works?

Choosing a trustworthy ICO is perhaps the most important and most difficult task for any investor. It is almost impossible to solve this problem without the appropriate experience and knowledge. That’s why our team has gathered the best analysts and experts who have a positive experience of participating in an ICO. Our specialists make a detailed analysis of a huge number of ICOs and choose best of the best. You will be able to review analytical reports on each interesting project. Based on the reports and other materials you will be able to make a decision. It is only you who makes the final decision on investing in a project. Even if you decide not to participate in a project that you have been offered, you will still be a part of the marketing and the structure that you have created. In this case you will not get the referral bonuses received from the work of your team unless you purchase one of the packages. We also warn you that we work on a high-risk market, where you can both make a good profit or conversely lose money. The Company administration will do everything possible to minimize the risks, but you should also understand that the Company does not give any guarantees that the price of a token will grow. The company only guarantees marketing-associated payments. The biggest risk in life is not to take risks. If you don’t take risks, nothing will change for the better in your life.

The referral system of bonus payments, both for inviting new investors to the platform, and in the case of your partners buying new packages, is thought out to the smallest details. It is based on the years of experience that founders and creators of KMTS have. A reasonable combination of binary and classic marketing is the best opportunity for stable earnings for partners. The leaders of the structures quickly reach decent cheques and maximize the team’s potential in such marketing. All active partners, both established leaders and beginners, earn good money in such marketing. Good luck to you and here’s to big cheques!


Why combined marketing?


The MATCHING BONUS a percentage from the revenue of your partners on binary.

There are four types of marketing compensation plans: classical, matrix, binary and combined.

Binary marketing has the benefit of simplicity and higher potential for earning money in less time. A structure is divided into two parts, one is organised through your own efforts(internal), the other (spillover) is organised with the help of upline agent.

Your task is to keep the balance between two parts. The button for switching to the internal part is available when total amount of packages in spillover part reaches $150. It’s also a criteria you have to meet before you can qualify for binary bonus.

Limits on weekly earnings from binary directly depend on the package you purchased. Add to that matching bonus which is common in classical marketing and you have perfect compensation plan to earn high profits. In this case leaders are financially concerned in developing their downline organisations and building competitive and continuously growing structures. They will also work for the benefit of each other. This is why the company offers its clients to work with combined marketing.

In the KMTS marketing the MATCHING bonus is counted according to the classic marketing up to five levels deep. From the first level of Partners that you have personally invited you will receive 5% from their income on binary. From the second level you will receive 5% and 2% for three subsequent levels. It is paid each week on Fridays. The depth from which you get bonuses depends on the purchased package and is presented in the table.


This bonus is 10%, paid instantly and without any restrictions. All marketing payments are made in US dollars through one of the payment systems: ADVcash or Perfect Money.


A successful career is beneficial to everyone!


Investor’s dream is to find a profitable employment for their money to multiply it. How does it work?


It provides a fast response to any question

Usually investors hope for price growth when purchasing ICO tokens. Price growth and drop occur after entering an exchange and completion of all the sales by the company.

If entire marketing strategy of the company is correct and proper then price will rise, if there are miscalculations then price will fall. Passive income is equal to the difference between the purchase price of tokens and the price of their sale.

The company management calls your attention to the fact that our experts consider profitability of the token and the degree of its attachment to the real business when selecting ICO projects. These ICO projects won’t be extremely profitable but risks of scam will be significantly low. Also certain preferences will be taken into account in the competitive selection. ICO companies should emit both utility and security tokens providing our investors with an opportunity to share in the profits. We wish you increase your capital exponentially making it our goal to minimise the risks of your investments.

And remember that the biggest risk is never to take risks!

Our technical support will provide prompt answers to any questions and will help with solving any issue. The high quality of the technical support work is an important component of our business. The company employs qualified workers on a competitive basis, but Partners will assess the effectiveness of their work. Our task is to create a successful working business! Mutual understanding between the Administration and Partners is necessary in order to be successful. For this purpose, the Company has developed the most advanced communication tools. For example, a Telegram BOT for push-notifications on all innovations and promotions of the Company, notification of the salary received by the partner and much more. We plan to develop dynamically and to become the Leaders of the ICO market.

Legality and transparency

Our projects


G&V expo

Innovative VR and AR business platform based on the blockchain technology.

The principal objective of the project is to implement virtual reality into business and make it available for everybody the use of VR – virtual reality and AR – augmented reality technologies. Total implementation of the virtual reality into your business ( retails, apartments, building projects).

Investing in the project makes you a shareholder of the G&V expo and earns you passive income monthly from lease of your assets.

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How it works:

You register in the company of KMTS and purchase an investment package.

Within 24 hours you receive ExpoCoin tokens to your ShowMeBizz wallet.

Your tokens will be activated 3 months after the purchase and you will be able to benefit from it: ExpoCoin tokens will be available for sale on the DomEx ( domestic exchange) and ExpoBlock tokens will earn you passive income. ShowMeBizz company leases your blocks to tenant companies.

40% of the funds raised proceed to account for payment of dividends to the investors.

The more blocks you have, the higher your profit.

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Have your own project?

We give the opportunity to join us. Send a request and our analysts will get acquainted with the project and contact you.

  • Investments

    Raising funds for your project’s implementation.

  • Participants

    In addition to raising funds, we can undertake an effective advertising campaign of your ICO project through the formed structure of trained advertising agents.

    Worldwide advertisement is fast and effective.

  • Simplicity

    For the first time without doubtful advertising costs, you can quickly get the necessary investment and promote your product in parallel.

    Advertisement from person to person is the most effective tool.

  • Legality

    Our company is officially registered in one of the largest financial centers — Hong Kong.

    The office for work with European and Russian-speaking advertising agents is expected to be opened in Turkey, and all further work on advertising will be carried out through a network of official offices of the company, opened in different countries.

Your application

It takes 1-2 weeks to consider the application

If you are an investor...

Then you have a great opportunity to participate in exciting projects

  • Kits to enter the business

    considerate the opportunities and interests of both large and small investors from different social strata

  • You get
    • Prepared expert conclusions on potentially lucrative ICO, analysts’ consulting, required to make informed decisions
    • Passive income due to the increase in the price of purchased tokens
    • The ability of profit-taking in fiat in the medium term of 3-10 months
    • Additional opportunity to increase your capital and return your invested funds quickly by inviting new investors to the business

... you’ll have
a successful career!a successful career!

Do you want a private villa? You can get it only with us!

Our system adapts flexibly to newcomers, so growth is unavoidable



50,000$ in a smaller team


1,000$or IPhone X



150,000$ in a smaller team
4 partners со статусом Silver two partners in each team


2,000$ or Trip



350,000$ in a smaller team
2 partners со статусом Gold one partner in each team


3,000$ or Watch



1,500,000$ in a smaller leg
4 partners со статусом Platinum two partners in each team


30000$ or Car



3,000,000$ in a smaller leg
2 partners со статусом Pearl two partners in each team


60,000$ or Apartments



20,000,000$ in a smaller leg
4 partners со статусом Ruby two partners in each team


400,000$ or Villa

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